We Moved to a Farm!


Greetings from The Photo Gal! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my new blog! This blog will not only encompass my photography, but will bring you along on all the adventures at our family farm! It is 5 in the morning and I sit with my hands wrapped around a hot cup coffee...thinking of all my chores I have to accomplish today as the sun rises...but before dawn, I will share our journey on moving to our farm!

My husband and I had always dreamed of moving onto my family's 300 + acres of land nestled in the vast Texas Hill Country for almost 5 years. We yearned for a life that allows a slower pace, space to breathe, and scenery. A home where we could sustain and grow while cherishing the hard work on a farm. When we decided to homeschool our two daughters (ages 7 and 5), we made the move in February to Burnet, Texas! My hubby and I always have described our kiddos as wild and free, therefore our farm came to be as the "Wild and Free Farm"!

Here on our farm, the green grass and wildflowers make it a beautiful oasis for clients to have a personal photography experience. When I am not snapping photos away... we raise our silkie/buff orpington chickens, horses, and keep a close watch on some local cattle. We have learned to cherish the hard work, be thankful for what the land provides for us back, and creating a homestead for our family.

A big reason we moved out to our "Wild and Free Farm" is because we wanted our daughters to grow up with a good work ethic, having self reliance, living in a small town community and an environment that encourages being outdoors vs indoors! We also wanted our kids just to be able to play, grown and learn! From attending homeschool co-ops, to local 4h meetings, riding competitions, cleaning out manure/chicken scratch, to caring for the animals... they are making connections between chores and sustaining life. Sometimes farm life can be hard (aka predators and livestock) and the lessons that come with it, but we can see the why behind them, learn from these lessons and be thankful we are here!

It’s not always glamorous or clean, but at least life on the farm is entertaining, beautiful, and filled with adventures. With the halt in the rain and warmer weather, our vegetable garden is on our to do list in preparation for fall...its amazing the miracle of tiny seeds that come to life. My kiddos watching a wet calf wobbling to get on its feet for the first time, a horse neighing in its pasture, seeing our gold chickens in the green grass hunting for grasshoppers...being a part of life on the Wild and Free Farm is an incredible blessing. There are many more pausable memories and adventures that I can wait to share with y'all! Until then, its a beautiful day and its time to get working!

Welcome to The Photo Gal Photography and Wild and Free Farm! I hope this blog and my photography brings all of y'all laughs, joy, encourages visit and makes you feel as if you are a part of our farm! Thanks so much for reading all about our newest journey and I hope it encouraged you wherever you are in your journey!